by Haze

This is in reaction to some snitching that has happened recently surrounding the Charles Manson estate trial that’s been going on for 5 years.

Michael Brunner (Pooh Bear, Sun Stone Hawk), Charles Manson’s biological son, recently reached out to the “Manson Community” of supporters around the world and held a raffle (the prizes were certain personal items of CM’s and other rarities) in order to raise funds and help cover the mounting attorney fees that it is costing to represent his brother, Daniel Arguelles, who is now in the legal battle, and who Michael recently found through DNA testing (99+% match)

Many people showed their support for Michael and Daniel and at least one person that we know of contacted paypal and managed to get Michael’s account shut down in an attempt to thwart him and his family’s efforts to claim what is rightfully theirs…

The rat is none other than “Jon Michael Jones”, who played the weak crybaby character on Jason Freeman’s film production about his life, and who 15 years ago acted like he was Michael Brunner on ebay trying to sell CM memorabilia…

Video created by Paul, from the “Paulcast”.