by Haze

While visiting Charles in November of 2011 he asked me if he’d ever told me “The Hundred Dollar Bill Story” before.
The visit was behind the glass due to Charles serving a 12 month SHU sentence for possession of a hobby tool (dangerous weapon) which most inmates “fabricate”.
I will paraphrase from handwritten notes:
A guys staying a hotel and he leaves a $100 bill with the clerk at the front desk,
“hold this for me, and I’ll pick it up from you tomorrow.”

So the desk clerk puts it in the safe. He then gets visited by a guy he owes money to.
He gets the $100 bill out of the safe and gives it to him.

That guy owes fees to his lawyer, so he gives the $100 bill to the lawyer. The lawyer goes down to the shoe store and gives the shoemaker the $100 bill for some nice new shoes. The shoemakers kid needs clothes and supplies for school so he gives the $100 bill to the cashier at the store down the street. The owner of the store then deposits it into the bank that evening.
A lady withdraws the $100 bill the next morning and checks in at the hotel with it. The front desk clerk puts the $100 bill back into the safe.
The dude who left the $100 bill with the front desk clerk comes down in the morning and checks out. The clerk opens up the safe and gives the man the $100 bill.
“Sure am glad ya’ held it for me.”
“Of course, sir.”
The guy holds it up to the clerks face and rips it up.
“It’s counterfeit.”

Then Charles says to me,
“Who lost money?”

It’s ALL a game and its ALL counterfeit.