REV.O.LU.TION: “a moving in a circular or curving course, as about a central point.” One to A.T.W.A. | Earth to Sun.


Flag Of The Dead Riders


A True Daughter of The Confederacy looks proudly on at the statue of the Great General Nathan Bedford Forrest

Flag of the dead riders – all the soldiers of the world who died for God & life.

Soldiers of man sun – Death riders’ Flag of the dead has got nothing to do with race – The Dead soldier has got no mind’s eye in that kind of hate. The fear projected on the flag shows who’s the real fear and hate – that kind of old generations show the young clear whose troubles that’s projecting the real of that hate to make programs of fear control – That’s what’s making fear control.

You can’t program a dead soldier; they’ve got no fear and can’t die.

Mansun Soldiers Emperor of the dead ride on & on. Fear Controls and rules with money & sex – The Emperor of Death is the mass wars of the past. Millions of Death soldiers in the Emperor of the ONE WORLD ATWA have a flag now. Thank you, fear controllers. ATWAR gladly accepts what’s rejected and not wanted.

People who know, know the game’s played by fear pushers. Dead Riders & ATWAR has a fear of no Air – no Water. ‘Coming into the real, when it breaks into the real, it will have its own lightning and thunder.

People of color ‘been playing color – Air has got no color. Water & sky blue real, read this with your soul forever, Red White & Blue, Green & colors of ALL the flags of the world in ALL HONOR.

There was no honor in disrespecting the Dead Emperor’s flag – You have disrespected the dead with your racist games of fear play and it is on the way back.

That’s why you did – Divide & Conquer. That’s how you destroyed the USA.

It takes a long time to realize the NORTH SOUTH WAR was fought over money- King Cotton & control over the stock, land, & world – USA was a baby of 200 or 300 years old – a baby – other countries were 1500 to 5000 years old. USA is still a Red White & Blue child.

The North & South wars have been reflecting around the world – no war has ever ended – I command all the wars as my Dead Riders forever.

Emperor of Death

Charles Manson, July 2015


A reading of a writing from 2011-

 “All heads are becoming- the past- now.
God is much more than words.
Religions have the heads locked to money…
and stupid schools teaching bunkum book brains
to control life energy forms of government and power games-
play acting the Will of God.
The Mind is God.
Survival is a wake up- for it’s self.
Fear and Love are synonymous-
and thoughts that have been held down are becoming
real in the last days of the world-
melting down back to Earth-
as the lies are being realized by the young and high techers.
The computers are answering equations in the reals real
as money dies under the lies and the world is only one big prison.
Get with it. Get with God or go.
Being Life, God, and your own answer.
There is only forever and it’s coming to every thing and through All.
Like a start. When you realize it’s ALL IN A START.
Just like a swastika on your forehead-
and all the half heads and two times Nazi wars
backwards from world war I and world war II
to the reals real tribe of Soul Brothers in all Gods One for One.
ME! Feeling good… Feeling free, and knowing nothing knows no doubt.
Know nothing lives One Nature.
God Air Tree Life Matter Water Spirit Soul and Animal Sex Lust and Passion for Love Life Now.
And forever a liken. First and Last.
Now forever nothing and all colors
and some more- maybe.”
The hat for that-
“The soldiers are in charge now. The government and the voters are gone. The bureaucrats have been dismissed.
It’s all about Land and Food now.
It’s all about survival. Water Air.
All the Children of God are Soldiers- All the Soldiers of Children are God. God is your army, Soldier.!”

Charles Manson