REV.O.LU.TION: “a moving in a circular or curving course, as about a central point.” One to A.T.W.A. | Earth to Sun.



 “The social consciousness is clouded with much confusion. When is a lie a lie?
If most people want to believe what they’re told, it then becomes a part of the social consciousness.
If the people who are already mesmerized by the news media want a mad dog, they create one by fostering their own vicarious thrills. The image is magnified by the desire of the news media to make money, or the desire of some lying informant to get out of jail or become famous, and so on.
The lie grows so big, who can believe it?
There is a price and you will pay. You may not see it, but the beast you created will devour you.
That is to say, your social subconsciousness. There is a subconsciousness that lurks below your awareness. The social subconscious beginning to make its move is called anarchy.
Things happen everyday the newspapers don’t print and the TVs don’t show.
You’re only told a small part of what’s going on and that part is only to control your mind, to get you to stay in line,
to avoid panic and to create a social thought to keep down total chaos of the masses.
The lie is becoming so big that no one can believe it.
This is what isolates people, for soon no one will know what to believe.
The last battle of Armageddon will be when the social consciousness reaches a high fear level,
as fear has always and will always induce madness.”
-1970 | Charles Manson-

RAGS, THIS IS A LETTER TO YOU, By Charles Manson (from The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman, by Nikolas Schreck – Used with permission)

The Manson File- Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman (used with permission from the author, Nikolas Schreck) and photo of Charles, courtesy of an old mailer from World Order Media

Some old poetry of Charles’

(from The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman, by Nikolas Schreck)
“It is my hope and dream
To hook up through the satellites
With everyone that’s in the Family
Red and Blue, Green, Gold, and Yellow
All the girls that are in jail with me
That gave their lives, took their lives
Gave their lives again
This is on the other side of the noose
That hangs in the sky
Where the infinite consciousness
Within all living things cry
Sometimes you can just hang there and fly
I was going to give you some poetry
Of how it feels to be lonely
To be alone, with no one, sitting down in the hole
No letters for five years
Just turned sixteen
I almost got adopted once
But they took a guy who was deaf and dumb
Brought him to California
Put him on a ranch
He took a gun and started shooting cows
Johnny Holiday
All the cowboys in Rio were like outlaws
Steel sharpened
Knives came through the spirits eyes
Landed right on my tongue
I had to learn everything all by myself
The first thing I learned was:
Don’t Trust Anyone
No more than you do yourself
If we’re gonna do something in this world
We’ve gotta do it right
Underneath all that ever was
Reasons and rhymes wound up tight
Astral flight my spiraling staircase dreams
Lucifer my brother, died of strings.
Come on in, with your organ, cupid-man flies
Coming down the highway, crystal palace dreams
Dreams dreaming’ on, know what I’m feelin’
Far is the country, way out on a balmy sea
Sail-Sailing on home boy, sailing on home
Singing it on home”