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3.17.18… Ash and Bone



Charles Milles Manson’s body was put to fire at 13:23 hours of 3.17.18.
119 days after Charles left the body lying in chains on a hospital bed in Bakersfield on 11.19.17. a service was held in which a viewing was part of the cremation/funeral service in Porterville, CA.
Charles’ body lying in a coffin looked like a pharaohs or a monks or a Confederate Generals body.
While Charles’ body burned the Inner Sanctum said prayers, played music and sang songs with our (R) coming generations. There is no such thing as death and the cult is alive, All The Way Alive –
In The Air, The Trees, The Water and The Animals Charles’ body’s ashes were spread in the Sierras, where the equinox had already painted the landscape with greens of grass, nettle and poison oak, purples of lupine and datura, oranges of poppy and monkey flower…red soil, stone, and sun, grey boulders and clouds, brown oak and water…
The sky was stormy and as soon as the ceremonial ash spreading began the wind kicked up, cold, and the sky darkened. Grey, ashen faces…
Into the black night the procession of vehicles departed… And the rain fell.

*The shallow unworthy cess cult of celebrity can’t take anything away from the experience this circle shared other than showing the world Charles’ beauty, even in Death, by infiltrating trusting hands and making a few bucks for being pieces of shit… however the leaked photo doesn’t show the medals that were placed on Charles’ chest or the lock of Reds hair or the knife, the rings, the eagle and owl feathers…
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Also GIVE Me Some of your time in thought and in Mind-
You know how the minds TIDE So to Say can turn on on thought and
re do change Re program distort or bring a new world of thinking on LINE-
BUT you must realize the workings of the mind its self- one little thought
IF thought Right can Start a new world
a SPIDER put a web across the trail
a body running the rail runs into the web and it head runs
runs in to the web and a head caught in the web with the spider on
the face and Catches the fear of the head
the spider falls off and ducks and is gone- but the image stays in the head
held by fear- 4 ever in that head
held in a web of thought and fear is HELD
NOW – WHO’s the thought?
Did the spider take the fear and hold that point of nows real-
if the head controlled by it will the fear of the spider hold the heads thoughts
about love or hold about spiders-
will the Head watch out for spiders and never run in to them again-
What way does the thought run
you could think 50 years and never realize how LARGE
a thought like that could hold effects of realities

Charles Milles Manson