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March 2016 letter from Charles Manson

(From @MansonDirect March 2016)

To the people who find their own judgment in me because they need it to hold on to; and when I’m gone they try to go to church.

You will find fault because that’s all you can deal with, because you are the fault you’re looking for. You’re not looking for a winner because inside the me that lives in you, you feel you can’t win because you were born to lose, and your life is a loser.

You can’t give up the person the Dead taught you, and come down to your own me that is in reals real. Up 50% and down 50% = 100 myme.

There is only ONE Sun God in All as Everything, you, me.
-Charles Manson


In Honor of Charles Manson –
Born 11.11.34.
“There is a truth, and we got the idea. The track was laid before the train was put on it. You know, we got the track, just gotta’ put the train on it. But in order to put the train on it, you can’t be jiving man, you can’t say, “well we’re gonna’ do hoo'” and then go ha’, cuz’ hoo’ ha’s only laugh up yer’ own asshole.
And it catches you sleeping at dark and at night and it comes in your dreams and makes you do things , you know what I’m saying?
It ain’t got a damn thing to do with the Devil, or God , it’s what we all do to ourselves, man.
It seems like I’m paying for what other people want to say it for some bucks or something ,so I’m just trying to get my percentage I don’t give a fuck what they say, ya’ know what I’m saying? Let me get some of the action here, ya’ know?”

CM TRUTH 11.11

CM 11.11.1934


-U R DEEP … You R God …


“God is great. And there’s not one blade of grass that’s not in the will of God. There is not one leaf that grows or falls from the tree that goes unspoken to God’s wisdom. It’s just not possible that anything could exist without God. Because God is existence, and our hookup with God is ATWA. The Air, the Water, the Trees, the love for yourself… Animal”
-C. MANSON, 2011
Photo: 2-17-13


A reading of a writing from 2011-

 “All heads are becoming- the past- now.
God is much more than words.
Religions have the heads locked to money…
and stupid schools teaching bunkum book brains
to control life energy forms of government and power games-
play acting the Will of God.
The Mind is God.
Survival is a wake up- for it’s self.
Fear and Love are synonymous-
and thoughts that have been held down are becoming
real in the last days of the world-
melting down back to Earth-
as the lies are being realized by the young and high techers.
The computers are answering equations in the reals real
as money dies under the lies and the world is only one big prison.
Get with it. Get with God or go.
Being Life, God, and your own answer.
There is only forever and it’s coming to every thing and through All.
Like a start. When you realize it’s ALL IN A START.
Just like a swastika on your forehead-
and all the half heads and two times Nazi wars
backwards from world war I and world war II
to the reals real tribe of Soul Brothers in all Gods One for One.
ME! Feeling good… Feeling free, and knowing nothing knows no doubt.
Know nothing lives One Nature.
God Air Tree Life Matter Water Spirit Soul and Animal Sex Lust and Passion for Love Life Now.
And forever a liken. First and Last.
Now forever nothing and all colors
and some more- maybe.”
The hat for that-
“The soldiers are in charge now. The government and the voters are gone. The bureaucrats have been dismissed.
It’s all about Land and Food now.
It’s all about survival. Water Air.
All the Children of God are Soldiers- All the Soldiers of Children are God. God is your army, Soldier.!”

Charles Manson



“There’s a universal consciousness that always been held down by a bunch of educated idiots who call themselves teachers and schools…. Do you know what having your own mind is in a world of programmed patterned robots? Having your own mind is total freedom, that’s insanity. You go up to a doctor and tell him you’re God, he looks at you like your’re crazy. He doesn’t even believe in God, that’s why he’s a shrink.”

Charles Milles Manson