REV.O.LU.TION: “a moving in a circular or curving course, as about a central point.” One to A.T.W.A. | Earth to Sun.



“Mother Tree knows my feelings for I can feel her branches
and I know my own life in and out,
around, up and down, through with, and with out.
Yes, Sister Sea feels me as I feel her waves
and I hear the cries of the wildlife.
A perfect mother knows I feel the wood being cut
and I hurt and die with trees falling.
How much a beast
must I be to defeat the beast that destroys my mother?
The North Sea is dying, the icecaps are melting faster than ever.
The Aliken is dying on the rock and I feel it all as my life.
I can’t help it. I was bound to feel it and I feel it all
and she cries out at me and
I love the snake bird trees and wolves ATWA
but humans bore me and are as aware as a slug
and slow as a snail and under it all.”


For Manson, "the rivers are veins of our bodies, trees are hairs on our heads, the air our breath." This pantheistic nature worship finds its fullest expression in his development of ATWA (Air, Tree, Water, Animals).

“You are my dad, I’m your mom, you are my wife, I’m your sister, you are my woman, I am your tree, you are my man, I am your brother, you are my sky, I’m your rock, you are my grass and I am your feet, you are my finger and I’m your nose, you are my nothing, I am your something and together we are aliken.”

Charles Milles Manson,
from a letter to Nikolas Schreck
(Source: The Manson File Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman)
Used with permission