The World is over- Dead. The Suffering, upon humans, by humans- upon cultures, by humans, upon ALL Living EARTH, by humans, is inescapable. Inexcusable. Deceit forced and sold to TV mind, a death urge pushing the w.orld w.ide w.ar- the corporate sponsored deaths filthy eye of “truth”, and disinformation, sells misery. And to the whores of the charade, the sisters of disillusionment – media and technology, we look, and search, for “truth”. Clicking facts and tuning in, we move the numbers. Ads advertise, the dollars drop, a cause and an effect… We pet the demand of an infinite supply. We find the “truth” closest to our bias, our beliefs, our theories. And however ingenious our “truth”, our beliefs, which we cling, they are a prison of one-sidedness…A prison of suffering we lock our selves into. However rationally formulated, they all contain within themselves paradox and inconsistency. They can be exposed of their inner incoherence. They “fall to the ground through sheer inanity”. They spin to zero, are void, empty…
At the cost of further spinning the wheel of suffering.
And so, by our time spent utilizing these tools of this modern age as the method, to help bring about thought- knowledge- education- awakening, whatever it is you see HERE, we understand that it is more propaganda and that we too are adding to confusion, bias, and misery… Suffering.
So let this act as a kind of spiritual disclaimer, or a warning even- that the mind is best left empty… Free, New… Simply Aware.
Also let this be an apology. An understanding, a confession of our compassion for any kind of insight, belief, or Truth you embrace from HERE, or elsewhere.
The Truth is in Knowing… The Truth is Awareness… From an Awakened Heart… The Truth is Honor…
X- Haze

-The Zou | A.T.W.A.R.

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