ON THIS DAY 8.17.87.

by Haze

Born in Alexandria-4-26-1894
Died at Spandau Prison-8-17-1987
Rudolf Hess
Prisoner of Peace

“Now we are getting April weather of a really classic kind: warmth and light alternate with wild snow storms and grey bleakness. The green of early spring shows itself timidly in little buds on some bushes in the garden. I detest lilac and all lovely things, as long as I find myself closed in by walls and bars. How strange a thing is freedom. Never again will I shut a bird up in a cage. And now I understand so well why the Chinese and Japanese, when they wish to show gratitude for good fortune, go to the market, buy cage-birds and let them loose. I will do this, too, one day…”
Rudolf Hess-
Spandau, 10th April, 1949