Total Black Darkness

by Haze

The only way it can be
is the only way it could ever be.
God don’t lie.
It is only the lesser part of God that does not understand The Grand Dragon of God’s wings.
When the world Dragon is at war with it’s self it has many veils,
shades, and shadows.
Two Dragons fight each other and at no time will it ever let it’s self
realize it is a part of a part of the great imperial Grand Dragon.
Time falls and fails in and out of the play and there is always under the bottom, as there is always over the top.
That is just two Dragons of a third head and world, words, and ways
of God are never understood by soldiers, or mass minds.
God never gives up or fails or falls down.
There is no real “loss”. No real top. No real bottom.
Our minds are too small to see or know or understand the always and hallways of always.
The Milky Way is just a small part of the grand hallways of the always
in forever.
The Sun is just a rock on fire.
With many rocks on fire in eternity and the One of the Dragon
is held to you and I, and soldiers of ATWA.
By the ATWA is love- for Me.
In all ALL is everything.
Ways in the hallways of always, as forever is beyond all, but me
inside of it.
Total Black Darkness of the mind inside of…
only thing that’s completely dark.
I’m black…
I’m the blackest Nothing.