Matthew Roberts is NOT Charles Manson’s son

by Haze

“Can you imagine how I’m going to look if I get the DNA back and it’s negative? I’m going to look like a complete idiot”

This dude was just in the news a couple weeks ago still getting off on the possibility of being Charles Manson’s offspring- supposedly conceived during an alleged gang rape, or gang orgy, in which his biological mother was the victim of, or a participant in, with four men some time in 1967.
He has made a bunch of false claims in the past few years… Many of which were published in Marlin Marynick’s book, “Charles Manson Now”:
–He was adopted but found his birth mother in ’98, whose “mental health might not be in great shape”, he was told.
–“Terry” told him the story of this sexual experience and of her involvement with “the family”…
–Claims of correspondence back and forth with Charles and that Charles remembered his mother and of being chased off the girls lawn (in Chicago?) by her father, calling him a “white trash bandit biker”.
–And there’s some other way out shit in this book about Roberts having night terrors in which he would hallucinate that spiders were covering him, or another “recurring night terror in which he would awake to the torture of alien life forms.”
–Marynick writes how Roberts told him that even “if he is not Manson’s son, the two could still resemble and feel drawn to each other through a phenomenon Einstein called quantum entanglement.”
–Manson’s more recent non communication being due to the story going public.
–“I honestly believe I’ve had assassination attempts. But I feel like I have some unique ability to survive, like Charlie does. He was sentenced to death and then they reversed it. He was lit on fire and his skin grew back. I once attempted suicide myself and it was a miracle I survived, you know?”
–Then Before Marynick ends Roberts’ story and goes on to Stanton LaVey’s part in the book he quotes Roberts explaining how he, like Stanton, thinks he is under surveillance.
“‘I moved into a friend’s house for a while and he told me that the helicopters flying overhead went crazy; he hadn’t experienced them that way until I moved in. All of a sudden they were flying right over us; it literally felt like they were going to land on the roof. I’ve moved near the airport and that doesn’t seem to happen anymore.’ I asked Matthew to interpret this bizarre experience. He explained that, with thermal imaging technology, every person on the planet is visible from space.’Everyone lights up like a firefly,’ he said. ‘this might be my ego, or delusions of grandeur, but I believe I glow very bright. I do think they track me; maybe they think I’m some sort of threat.'”

Roberts had been trying to gain proof through DNA testing that he is Manson’s son, not that he isn’t.
His band name, “new rising son”, is pretty indicative of his intent- as well as his reaction in this video upon hearing the results. I am sure he had some serious plans…