by Haze

Also GIVE Me Some of your time in thought and in Mind-
You know how the minds TIDE So to Say can turn on on thought and
re do change Re program distort or bring a new world of thinking on LINE-
BUT you must realize the workings of the mind its self- one little thought
IF thought Right can Start a new world
a SPIDER put a web across the trail
a body running the rail runs into the web and it head runs
runs in to the web and a head caught in the web with the spider on
the face and Catches the fear of the head
the spider falls off and ducks and is gone- but the image stays in the head
held by fear- 4 ever in that head
held in a web of thought and fear is HELD
NOW – WHO’s the thought?
Did the spider take the fear and hold that point of nows real-
if the head controlled by it will the fear of the spider hold the heads thoughts
about love or hold about spiders-
will the Head watch out for spiders and never run in to them again-
What way does the thought run
you could think 50 years and never realize how LARGE
a thought like that could hold effects of realities

Charles Milles Manson