by Haze


“TRIBE of Americans
ATWA Tribe
Sun Warriors Ghost Dancers
I am Black Hawk
I’m from the Graves Prisons of Moundsville, West VA
I was convicted for 9 murders by the public
and ATWA became the public VOICE of the ENVIRONMENT
bird gods of the Sun Stones of the world
My TRIBE name is “Sun Stone Black Hawk”
My Sons are coming from the Sun at war
with everything polluting my life on Earth-
They are at war with the negative forces-
I am a public voice of the ATWA TRIBE
My Colors are Horses*
My life is TRUE MAN
The Japan Sun God Sign To
Only came through me PUBLIC Records
as WITNESS from Sun Gods 


My MAIN Domain is Death.
Grave, my leaders of the past and their Horses
right on with my Ghost Riders of the sky
My Sundays are the Gloomy
Rest Days of All the Holy to the Holy
that is All in the Hallways
of my Crips CLAN of Sun Stone Black Hawk
Spits fire of Disaster on pollution and anything
it can do to RIGHT WRONG
to Sun soldiers who are protected by the sun in the day
and the Moon All the TIME
the WORLD Order has in the AIR TREES WATER and ALL LIFE
that must have ATW to LIVE
I am and have been dead 11-11-34-
MY Blood came to America LONG before TIME
I had lived and Died Millions of times
JUST LIKE Everyone else-
What ever everyone else is
or not to Who YOU Think OR”

Charles Milles Manson